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Rotch Financial Limited отзывы


    Website: https://rotchfinancial.com/
    Phone: 441977358001
    Address: Grabenweg 68, 6020 Innsbruck


    Our History

    ROTCH FINANCIAL LIMITED was founded in 1991 by the current Director who saw the Financial Services Industry moving to offer ever more impersonal service to clients of all sizes and backgrounds, and realised an opportunity to move against that tide. Since then the company has developed its capabilities with new permissions, products and partnerships to offer a full execution, investment and custody service to Professional Clients.

    Where Are We?

    Operating in the UK, Rotch has a dual location – within sight of St Pauls Cathedral in the City of London but also with a back office in Lincolnshire equipped with state of the art communication lines with primary and backup channels, ensuring uninterrupted access for our staff and clients. This office is also our backup facility for pandemic lockdowns and other potential force major events that may impact London. We can relocate all of our staff to Lincolnshire within a few hours if necessary, ensuring business continuity for our clients.

    A Large Network

    Rotch has a broad range of permissions and partners that allow us to hold assets with globally renowned custodians and trade at extremely competitive rates. We aim to offer clients a broad choice from the most traditional of private banks to the latest online trading venues.


    We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate directly with our clients with languages including Chinese, Russian, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish. This edge allows us to understand our clients better than the larger banks, as well as better help our clients develop strategies for their needs.

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